Why Outsource Software Development to Colombia?

In the past decades, the tech talent pool in Colombia has become more and more diverse with skilled developers. In its history, developers were few and developer rates were low. But with the investment the government has put into the education system, this disparity has been reduced, making Colombia one of Latin America’s biggest tech and business hubs.

Hiring programmers from Colombia, therefore, has become the natural response to this boom. As the demand for programming professionals increases all around the world, Colombia’s IT sector grows to match it.

Top Reasons to Outsource to Colombia

Location: Colombia is located in the middle of five time zones. It shares a time zone with important business centres such as Toronto, New York, Buenos Aires, and other North & South American-based businesses.

Environment: Colombia has a business-friendly environment and strong cultural affinity with the US and Canada.

Workforce: Colombia has a skilled, diverse, and competitive tech workforce.

Expertise: Colombia is ranked in the top 3 countries in Latin America offering IT services.

Creativity: Colombia places a strong focus on innovation and creative development.

Education: Colombia has some of the best universities in Latin America, with 7 of them ranking amongst the best in the world.

Time Difference Between Colombia and the US

For Canadian and US-based companies, outsourcing to Asia may require waiting up to 12 hours before hearing a response. As a result, there’ll naturally be delays to the process, which may in turn further delay the delivery of a project. Colombia, however, is only one hour behind the United States East Coast, and only two behind the West Coast. So for Canadian and US-based companies, the response time is negligible as Colombian developers can work in tandem with US and Canadian developers. Outsourcing to Colombia, therefore, greatly reduces wastage of time, effort, and resources.

Colombia’s Understanding of American Work Culture

The software development workforces in Colombia share very similar business practices as those in the States. Whether it’s their education, communication, or style of collaboration, Colombian developers know how to get along seamlessly with US-based businesses.

Colombia’s Vibrant Developer Community

The developer community in Colombia is quickly growing. With over 65,000 developers and the largest Spanish-speaking JavaScript community in the world, more and more Colombians are joining the IT workforce. And it exceeds just the education level. Colombian developers are playing an active role in the community. From joining online coding groups to forming new start ups, the curiosity, creativity, and entrepreneurial drive of Colombia is spreading far and wide.

Software Engineering Education in Colombia

As a result of the numerous initiatives put in place to improve education standards, Colombia is producing a new generation of software engineers. The quality of software engineering education in Colombia is one of the highest in Latin America, with aims of becoming the most educated country in Latin America by 2025. Out of all of Latin America, Colombia is producing the highest number of engineers, coders, and IT professionals every year.

How to Find Remote Software Developers in Colombia

Colombia’s IT sector is thriving. In the past few years, it has grown not only to the top of Latin America in terms of IT education, but has become one of the go-to countries in the world for IT outsourcing. With the incentives in place, and the growing community, Colombia is turning into a regional tech and business hub.

An outline of the outsourcing journey with Prisma follows these steps:

1. The client has a project and requires a solution to be developed.
2. The client does not have the capacity to develop the solution internally.
3. The client entrusts the project to a third-party under a fixed budget.
4. Prisma finds the best team for the project based on the client’s experience, skills, personality, and budget.
5. Knowledge transfer takes place from client to team.
6. Team develops a solution for the client and transfers knowledge back to the client.

Here at Prisma, we empower clients to bring their IT visions to life. In 6 easy steps, we ensure that we find the best team to build and scale your business.

Sami Derian

Sami Derian

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